Monday, January 25, 2010

Movies from Video Games and Vice Versa

A couple of trailers for your viewing pleasure. Above is the trailer for the movie Tekken based on an age old fighting video game. Usually movies based on video games suck but this one has a couple of MMA fighters in it including Cung Le as Law and Roger Huerta as Miguel the Matador. Although both can fight, it's almost a certainty that this movie will still suck cause they probably cannot act.

Below we have Aliens vs. Predator video game trailer which is based on the terrible movie franchise of the same name. Video games based on movies are always horrible. It's pretty much fact. But if this trailer is any indication, AvP will be the very first game in history to be better than the movie it's based on.

1 comment:

krakit said...

you're right - the Alien vs
Predator trailer looks good

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