Friday, January 08, 2010

L'amour Supreme Mongolions Factory Handpaint Edition from Super 7

L'amour Supreme Factory Handpaints from S7

ok faithful, your prayers have been answered. Check out these so-called "Factory Handpaint" edition Mongolions from the Master L'amour Supreme. What's a Factory Handpaint? Good question as all of these toys are handpainted at a factory. The term refers to the idea of re-creating a One-Off paint application by the talented dudes at the factory. It's a copy essentially. Personally, although I have an original Bronze Patina HP from SDCC 2009, I'm digging the idea and looking forward to the goodness. Especially the purple guy based on L'amour's RESOLVE custom from the Toy Karma II Show at Rotofugi last year.

Check these guys out....! They look amazing...! The Mongolion (say Mongo-Lion) is part of Super 7's Snakes of Infinity line up and I think the best one. They will be out in very limited quantities potentially next week. Could be blind bag? Look for it soon from Super7

L'amour Supreme Factory Handpaints from S7

L'amour Supreme Factory Handpaints from S7

L'amour Supreme Factory Handpaints from S7

Here are a couple of the original Handpaints that these might have been based on.

Bronze Patina from SDCC 2009. A little less color than the Factory HP. I actually like the Factory colorway a bit more.

Lamour Supreme @ SDCC 2009

The Resolve Custom from Toy Karma II Show at Rotofugi. Now this guy I really, really like as the original. I like the stomach tattoo. I like the glitter of course. A bit more details in black as well.

Toy Karma 2 Show Rotofugi

Thanks Glenn and Josh for the pics...!!

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