Monday, January 18, 2010

Onell Design x RealxHead = PHEYAOS

Onell Pheyaos

ok, i'm beside myself. Here is the first US release of the insane collaboration between Onell Design and RealxHead: PHEYAOS.

A box of Pheyaos rolled in yesterday and they look great! We are psyched to finally have some of these little devils to unleash over here. It's looking like a Tuesday release this week with a price of $30 USD each. The production number is very low, but if the response is positive we will increase the amount on the next edtion. Our goal is to offer new Real X Head every month. Due up in February are Pheyaos Man and the first edition of the Pheyden Mini. Our deepest thanks go out to Mori and Datadub for making this a reality, we are honored to be creating with you guys.

Onell Pheyaos

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