Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Super 7 Last Saturday!!!


Just a few pics from last Saturday at Super 7!! Hiro above busting out with Touma's Zugan sporting the S7 colors!! This thing is as heavy as it looks!! Solid plastic that could knock down a set of bowling pins!!

It's always nice to walk into Super 7 and have a few surprises waiting for you:

Skull Toys clear and GID with the new Gargamel Tetran and Beralgon Sculps


Gargamel DIY Hedoran Brothers!


Charatics Hedoran Tank, Lucky Bag BlobPus and Biskup's Tankizaado!!


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

GiTS SAC Tachikoma Tango!!!


We have two interesting high quality Tachikoma figures from the Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex series coming out soon. I thought I would take this opportunity to compare the offerings from Megahouse and Fewture based on the pics and info out there. The version from Megahouse is called the Perfect Piece Tachikoma and it's the one I pre-ordered already from Hobby Link Japan for around $80 not including shipping. What I like about the Megahouse version is the color. From the pics, it looks to have a bit more of that awesome metallic blue going on than it's Fewture Rival. I also like that the doors swing out in back and will look awesome with sort of Matoko figure (If I can find one to scale!) My biggest concern expecially after receiving Megahouse's Palm Layzner action figure would be the fragility of the figure. When you look at these pics, it just looks a bit flimsy, no?



Now we compare it to Fewture's $120 EX-Gokin Tachikoma figure here. What I like is that it's designated with Fewture's EX-Gokin name. If you own any of Fewture's EX-Gokin Getter figures, you know what I mean when I say HEAVY. These things are just dense pieces of die-cast toy bad-assness. Considering how much I paid for my EX-Gokin Black Getter Ryoma, $120 for this Tachikoma is not bad. I would just hope that is wields as much metal. From the pics, it looks slightly more detailed and sturdy, but the color although a nice shade of blue, does not appear to have the same metallic sheen going on. Also it looks like the only doors that open is a hatch at the top. Not as cool.



So there you have it!! Our Tachikoma Tussle!! There seems to be pros and cons to each. A little here, a little there. Which one is better? Hard to say without having them in hand. Undoubtably, I will have to order the Fewture version as well just to compare myself! Megahouse Perfect Piece Tachikoma is due out in February and the Fewture EX-Gokin version slated for May! Both can be pre-ordered now at Hobby Link Japan!

Monday, January 29, 2007

A Gaggle of Gargamel!!!


Just got some of my Gargamel Lucky Bag toys in from Super 7 (Thanks Isaac!!) and I thought I would take this opportunity to shoot some pics of the Lucky Bag schwag as well as the clear Hedoran Bros set from last year's Patchimon Summit. It was kind of interesting comparing the two sets side by side. Gargamel rules...

Lucky Bag Hedoran Brothers





Lucky Bag Bakobaso



Lucky Bag Desura



Pachimon Summit Hedoran Brothers






SDCC 2006 Desura






Friday, January 26, 2007

Votoms Blue Knight Berserga Series 2 Mini Figures!!!


This was one of those sets that as soon as I even caught a glimpse of the preview pics in Hobby Japan I knew I was going to pre-order it. Manufactured by Kotobukiya, when I discovered the first set of Votoms Blue Knight Berserga Mini figures, I thought it was a lucky find because it was just sitting there at Anime King on eBay. In fact, you can still get the entire Series 1 set for $25 which has to be one of the best deals on the planet right now. Extremely detailed, weathering, weapons and paint are just superb. My only complaint about the first series which still holds true for the second series is that they are a bit fragile and limbs and torsos can fly off if knocked the wrong way. But they are trading figures so it's not like Soul of Chogokin here. Series 2 does not disappoint as they have five figures plus a secret version for a total of six Votoms mechs which I think together with Series 1 are the best looking Votoms designs of them all (in other words, they don't all look like fire hydrants). I wish they would make 1/35 action figures of some of these designs. Having said that, one in this Series 2 did get the 1/35 makeover from CM's Corporation in that green and red Calamity Dog two-pack. Hmmmmmm, prolly not my first choice to get the 1/35 scale treatment, but ok. If you like Votoms and you like mini figures, this one is a no-brainer.














Thursday, January 25, 2007

Super 7 x Touma x Play Imaginative Orange Zugan Exclusive!!!


This Saturday, January 27th at 11am PST, Super 7 will release an exclusive orange and black version of Touma's Zugan figure from the Mephisto Fiesta Set!! Made in collaboration with Play Imaginative, Touma's playful skeleton of a man, Zugan gets his official Super 7 makeover, redone in Super 7's trademark orange and black colors. Limited to only 100 pieces, this figure will only be available at the Super 7 store in San Francisco, as well as the Super 7 webstore. Zugan will be available for purchase at 11am, when the Super 7 store opens to customers in line. After that, all remaining pieces will be available for web and phone orders. Strictly limited to one figure per person, no holds or pre-orders. $65 per figure.

LASH RealxHead Custom Set!!!!


LASH whose real name is Rich, completed this amazing RealxHead set for fellow Skullbrain boardmember AugustWest. The simplicity of the colors and stark contrast of the Red Eyes to the black and silver bodies just make this set shine. Absolutely amazing work again, LASH!!!

To see more of LASH's custom work, check out his Flickr Page Want to commission him to make a custom figure for you? Drop him a note through Flickr! You won't regret it!




Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More Pics of Biskup's Blue Tankizaados!!!

Here are a few more pics from TOKYOCUBE of Biskup's amazing blue and clear blue Tankizaados distributed by FEWMANY and produced by Wonderwall !!! I am happy now because I was finally able to successfully pre-order both versions! Check back with Tokyocube often because they had 10 more of each color earlier tonight for pre-sale!!




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