Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Gundam Ultimate Operation Gallery

I finally received all three sets of Gundam Ultimate Operation figures. You might remember my earlier post on these little gems. I'm not quite sure I would have purchased these little buggers if I just saw them hanging on the wall at a toy store. I'm kinda a snob like that. However, when I saw macro pictures of them on flickr, I thought they were so cool that they must have been 6 inch action figures or something. Little did I realize they are small little guys- mini figures really. Only 2-3 inches tall. They have some articulation, but not much. I like the varied designs, paint and decals. At $6-$7 each, they are bite size economy wise, but like potato chips, you just want more. My favorite has to be the DOM with the laser staff. Awesome!




Gundam Ultimate Operation 046





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