Monday, February 06, 2006

Votoms Zerberios VR-MAXIMA from CMS Coming in March!!!

Not being a huge Votoms fan, i'm beginning to see the light. Always considered somewhat ugly like a fire hydrant, I never understood what the attraction to this kind of mecha was. Like my nose hairs after a long weekend, Votoms is growing on me. I can see why the line is so popular. There are so many different models and variations! It's a good time to be a new fan as CMS, Takara, Max Factory are all putting out some outstanding Votoms toys. As my first real Votoms purchase, I'm looking at this bad boy from CMS: Zerberios VR-Maxima aka The Blue Knight. He sounds like a car make and model from Ridge Racer, eh? Not the other Blue Knight Berserga. That one is ugly. No, the VR-Maxima is the ticket. Just look at those lines! I want one and I think this could be my first Votoms! Coming in March for around $40 from Hobby Link Japan.

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