Friday, February 24, 2006

Super7 Magazine Issue 12 Dropping in March!

The kool kats at Super7 will be coming out with Issue #12 in early March. Do yourself a favor and show your friends how hip you are...check it out!

Description from Super7:

"Super7 Issue 12: The spring issue of Super7 is brimming with the very best in Japanese toys, art and design. In our exclusive cover story, get inside the mind of legendary punk artist Pushead as we discuss his new toy project with Kaws and his own fascinating history as a toy maker. Plus, Kaws chimes in on the groundbreaking collaboration. Next, we chat with the co-founder of Japanese fashion brand Bounty Hunter, Hikaru Iwanaga, about how he unwittingly launched the entire designer vinyl scene, dropped out of the market, and came back with force. For old-school vinyl aficionados, don't miss our duo of features on vintage Japanese toys from the fire breathing fury of Bullmark sparking vinyls to the rollicking goodness of Godzilla's mechanized amigo, Jet Jaguar. Then we take you into modern day in our interview with the creator of the new wave kaiju, Blobpus, and our fresh look at the latest and greatest from the lucha libre inspired line, Tequila Toys. Plus, toy news, industry insider columns, Super7 in Tokyo, Japanese street fashion, DVD and book reviews, and much more! Toy exclusives this issue include a Super7 and Misfits Records Balzac figure produced by Secret Base as well as a clear vinyl Jet Jaguar by M-1! Look for Super7 issue 12 in the first week of March on newsstands nationwide or support the magazine directly and subscribe today!"

Super7 Magazine transforms us from geeks who play with "action figures" to cool guys who know about Japanese toy culture. If I was you reading this toy blog, I would subscribe to Super7 Magazine HERE

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