Tuesday, February 28, 2006


For any of you that might not travel in the vinyl toy circles, you might not know who Huck Gee is and why everyone is trying to save him. I first wrote about him in November when his Don'yoku Dunny was just being released at Kid Robot. He's a very talented artist that is riding this urban vinyl wave Mavericks-style. I'm a big fan. He's also in trouble with the law and might get deported back to the UK for something that happened 14 years ago. The fact that what seems like the entire urban art community is supporting him and raising all kinds of money for his legal defense is not only a testament to his talent, but also to his character as a person. In other words, he must be one hell of a cool dude. To learn what he did that might get him sent back over the pond (and to donate to his legal defense fund), click SAVE HUCK.

Recently, I noticed on vinylpulse.com that a record store back in MN called Moda3 was hosting an online auction to raise money for Huck's legal defense. The auction featured custom Munnys donated by fellow hipster artists such as Pheuk, Jesse Hernandez and Sket One. I really wanted one that Jesse and Sket collaborated on (Fire and Water) but got my times and dates all screwed up so that by the time I put my bid in for the 2nd time, my $375 bid too late. Sucks. Some bastard walked away with my custom figure for $350. I would love to get my hands on one of his "Shogun" Dunnys pictured but my wife would kill me for spending $800 on a custom figure and then she would burn the figure to spite me (or she might keep it cause she has good taste and the figure is really cool). I justify this kind of money as investing in art.

The only thing funnier would be if this whole thing is a huge hoax (which I'm sure it isn't), but if it was, that would be damn funny. So enjoy Huck's work and the work of his compadre artists who donated their skills, time and Munny (and money) to SAVE HUCK!!!

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