Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Motorcycle Madness Part Deux!!

I was checking out Flickr buddy Edward Lee's shots a ways back as i'm a HUGE fan of his toy photography, lighting, composition, atmosphere, etc. He has this way of making his toy photography look as if it's from a comic strip, anime or movie poster. Very professional looking stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if someone from a toy manufacturer approaches him to do professional work. While checking out his latest stuff, he had some new photos of Leon from Resident Evil 4 on a motorcycle. You know how I love toy motorcycles so I looked online for the version of Leon that came with this cool looking bike. I couldn't find this version anywhere. What I finally realized is that Leon doesn't come with a motorcycle! I asked Edward where the bike came from and our other Flickr buddy KC was quick to notice that the Motorcycle Leon was poised on was from SIC Hakaider! How cool and creative I thought it was to mix and match characters and motorcyles. So this gallery is dedicated to the idea I stole from Edward! I had two dusty old toy motorcles for years including the road race version of Harley Davidson and a Ducati 996. I took some test shots with Kikaider and Hakaider. The scale seemed to work out ok. Hakaider seemed to match the Harley perfectly as Kikaider was more into the Italian scene with his "Duck" 996. Then the other day, I was in Japantown and visited the Japanese car accessory store which has all the car fresheners and cell phone holders, etc. They also have a big selection of scale import cars and most importantly: motorcycles! I picked out two really trick Superbikes with all the race decals and what not. I then searched my toy collection for the perfect riders. It took but a second to choose the Bubblegum Crisis gals. Their futuristic look with the helmets and cybernetic armor is not terribly different than what real road racers wear! It was a perfect match! The scale of rider: bike was not perfect as I think they are a bit too large for the bikes, but not noticable. It was better than my second choice which was the 1:12 scale Chirico figure which looked too small on the bikes and I only had one of him. I then took a couple of shots with Kaneda on his bike at a stoplight ready to race the Bubblegum Crisis gals. I also have a couple of shots of Hakaider, Kikaider and Cloud on the respective normal bikes as if they were at Sturgis! Lastly, a very popular shot on Flickr is my collection of Kaneda Bikes. The largest being from MacFarlane, Soul of Popynica is the second, a bootleg mini is the third and then two mini figures from the Akira gashapon series. Check it out and enjoy the gallery!!


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