Friday, February 24, 2006

Danny Choo at Wonder Festival in Japan

Anybody reading this blog owes it to themselves to also be a regular reader of Get this: he's a Chinese guy who grew up in the UK and now lives in Japan. He's an internet mogul of some kind who writes for Akihariba News in his spare time while stomping around Tokyo in his StormTrooper armor. He also happens to be into Japanese toys, anime, figures and gadgets just like us. And, of course, he writes a blog about all this cool stuff and even includes video. I stole these pictures from his blog as he's a lucky bastard spending a few day at Wonder Festival in Japan which looks like nirvana to me. It's one of the big toy shows out there and from what I can tell, looks like quite the place to be. For those of us that can't get there, Danny has filmed a 13 minute video complete with jazzy music that will put you in his shoes. So sit back, relax and take a 13 minute vacation to Wonder Festival in Japan with Danny. Oh, while you're at it, check out Danny's gallery of awesome toy and figure pictures from the Festival too!

These first two mechas are probably very expensive and very difficult to build Five Star Stories Resin kits from Wave. Absolutely amazing! How about the Action figure version???

The last two mechas are Jehuty from the Zone of Enders PS2 video games. One of my all-time favorite games and it's seriously about time that we had some action figure love here...Also would be great to get another version of Zone of Enders for PS3??

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toybot studios said...

yes, Danny is definitely the man and yes, I would like to be living large in mecha heaven like him. no doubt.

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