Monday, February 20, 2006

Lucky Toy Find: Votoms Blue Knight Berserga Mini Figures

I was browsing through eBay the other night as I often do, hoping that some guy would post the elusive Metal Gear Solid 3 Kubrick with the Aligator Head for a reasonable price. There is some guy from Japan that has 30 of them on eBay right now for $78 each. $78 for a kubrick??? I just can't go there. It's a Kubrick for damn sakes - a glorified Lego! Anyhoooo, while browsing on eBay, I can across the AnimeKing. He has an amazing selection of Japanese toys including Chogokin and Gashapon (mini figures). His prices are very reasonable and his service is blindingly fast. I had my items in but a day or two. I bought a couple of sets from him: The Soul of Chogokin set of Getter Dragon, Poseidon and Liger for a very, very reasonable $160. I challenge you to find it anywhere cheaper right now. I will have a gallery of these beauties hopefully soon. So much die-cast...ummmm, yummmy! The other set is a lucky toy find for me and the subject of this round-about post: Votoms Blue Knight Berserga Gashapon set of Six by Kotobukiya's One Coin series. I have never seen these before, but think they came out last year or the year before. These little bad boys are truly amazing! They are about 3-inches tall, have limited articulation, but are highly detailed in their sculp and paint jobs. As you can see, they even have some weathering! Unbelievable detail!! AnimeKing sold a full set of six so I didn't have to worry about the blind assortment thing which you know by now I HATE!!! The variety in the set is impressive and featured six different Votoms models. I was especially impressed with how they were packaged. Inside the boxes that AnimeKing had to open to identify the figure, each part was individually wrapped and in some cases, for some of the fragile pieces, they were wrapped and taped in small bits of cardboard. You see, this set is not made up of the normal rubbery plastic that other Gashapon figure are made of. Instead, they are made up of a plastic - resin kind of material that is more detailed, but a bit more fragile. For example, the shields that have the needle like protrusion from the tip are actually quite sharp and were packaged in the above manner as was the antennae of the scopedog or the helmet blade of the Blue Knight. I am very, very pleased with this set and you can actually pick up a set from AnimeKing for a very reasonalbe $34.99 not including shipping. That's less than you would pay retail plus you don't have to worry about getting any duplicates! While you're there, shop around. Anime King has 180 sets of Gashapon trading figures for you to browse through!! I just went back the other night and purchased a set of transforming Votoms! Pictures of these guys later as well! Check back later!!








toybot studios said...

Yeah, i'm definitely spreading the word about AnimeKing. I just bought some more stuff from him as well.

toybot studios said...

Thanks for the kind comments man! Glad to see that someone checks out this blog! Check back often as I try to update the blog 3 or 4 times a week...

I'm posting a sick gallery tomorrow with Japanese figures on Harleys, Ducati's and Superbikes. The pics came out pretty good...

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you did this review. I've been eyeing these suckers for a while now, but I've never purchased any gashapon before. I really like the blue knight story line, so this is like icing on the cake. Great pics. I'm going to see about these guys.


toybot studios said...

jean luc,

yes, these guys are really great! I would highly suggest them! I've pre-ordered the 2nd series already and if they are anything like the first, were talking winner here!

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