Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Microman Rei and Asuka Plug Suit Preview

I really like licensed Micromen. They are tiny little figures of only 3 inches, but pack all the articulation and details of your normal 7-inch figures. I wish I had more. My latest is Chun-Li from Street Fighter fame which is awesome. When I heard Takara was coming out with a new set from Evangelion, I was relieved to see that Rei and Asuka would be in the Plug Suits and not some silly school girl outfits or Christmas costumes or whatever else those crazy guys seem to want to put them in. The plug suits in my mind are the only thing these two should be wearing. Although having said that, I did see an interesting version of Rei in a ninja costume complete with ninja weapons. I almost bought it, but the color was this weird very un-ninja like green. Anyways, I have been waiting forever to get sneak peek at the new Rei and Asuka Microman figures, so here they are. Around $15 pre-order from BigBadToyStore.

Ayanami Rei Plug Suit

Soryu Asuka Plug Suit

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