Monday, February 06, 2006

Advent Children Cloud and Fenrir Motorcycle Review and Gallery

My Cloud Strife and Fenrir Motorcyle set finally arrived. I pre-ordered this bad boy many months ago so it seems like a lifetime that I have been waiting for it to show up. I caught a glimpse of this figure when it was part of the super-exclusive DVD set from those bastards at Square Enix. They wanted something like $500 for the whole she-bang. I applaud them for finally releasing this set by itself even if it was like a year later. They can make up for it by releasing Cloud's brother Kadajs'motorcyle soon which is also ultra bitchin.

When the figure first arrived, I was a little surprised at how big it was. Although the Cloud figure is your normal 6-7 inches, the Fenrir bike is rather elongated like a chopper from Orange County Chopper or something. Those guys should build a replica Fenrir. The other interesting feature I noticed right away is that the front suspension actually works! It springs up and down a bit, but the front forks also move a bit independently of each other as if to tip to one side when making a turn. Very cool detail and much appreciated. The details and paint job are very good, but not as superb as my Hakaider and Bike set pictured earlier. Having said that, it's still one of the best looking toys on the market today. Cloud himself is appropriately detailed. I like the shot above showing his Wolf emblem on his sweater. Very nice touch! I'm not crazy about his facial expression however. The eye paint makes him look very stoned. His sword is adequate and the articulation in his arms and legs is pretty good considering the riding pose he has to get into in order to get his feet and hands where they need to be to ride the Fenrir. What would have made this toy over the top is if they could have somehow incorporated the inter-locking sword aspect. Remember in the movie when one or two swords joined to make the uber-sword? That would have been sick. Make NO mistake. The star of this show is the bike!!

At $59, i'm very, very pleased with this toy and highly recommend it to anyone who likes toys, Final Fantasy, Advent Children, Cloud Strife or motorcyles. Get them while you can at CornerStoreComics.











Anonymous said...

I actually wanted to get the Cloud and Fenrir Motorcycle, but I only discovered it after I got just plain old Strifey off of ebay. I'm just starting out my collection, but it's slowly adding up. I don't know if you've heard about them, but I preordered the three set of Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa. I really enjoy collecting the older Bandi ones, but my dad thinks it's a waste of money *rolls eyes*.

Unknown said...

does cloud come with one or two swords because in different pictures hes wielding the bunch connected sword and in other pictures ive seen he has just a single sword. (the one he first fights Kadaj Loz and Yazoo with) also does the sword holder part open cuz i saw videos where it opens if you can email me at

alimu sakuredu said...

how does the bike turns?

toybot studios said...

Pretty sure it only came with this sword...

the bike does not have the best turning

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