Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Latest Gundam HCM Pro Pre-Orders...

Last month I wrote a post on Bandai's HCM Pro Series which are essentially these somewhat mini-figures that are a cross between a highly detailed toy and a model. They're kind of "tweener". Much more highly detailed than the MSiA series (I think), made of the same plastic as the HG or MG models, but nothing to put together! yay! They are 1/200 in scale so about 3/4 of the size as a 1/144 scale kit. The articulation is not as flexible as MSiA however. boo! For around $20, they are not a bad investment. The next figure in the line up is a more subtle-colored Asshimar in a nice "Green Diver" hue. I like this color much more than the bumble-bee yellow of the original Asshimar. Like the first one, it transforms from robot to this donut-shaped flying saucer thingy. Pretty cool and nominated as Toy of the Year from ToyboxDX. You can pre-order it now from BigBadToyStore for around $20.

Next in the line-up is Hambrabi which is the sea-dwelling robot of the Gundam series. It evokes thoughts of a sting-ray / manta ray kind of animal. It transforms from robot into the aforementioned-looking submarine kind of ship which is pretty cool. Pre-order now for $20 from the same guys at BigBadToyStore.

Lastly is a very nice Hi-Zack Titan. I really like the level of detail that goes into all the HCM pro figures such as all the little details that you only see when you pop off a panel on the leg or the helmet. Great details that are normally reserved for much larger and more expensive 1/100 scale Master Grade models kits. What puts this on over the top for me is the white flag accessory. I love it. I'm sure it's not to surrender! Pre-order it guessed it: BigBadToyStore

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