Monday, February 06, 2006

Cool Anime Icons from Muroi's Art Factory

So was surfing Danny Choo's site the other night, as I often do. Danny loves mecha, toy photography and scantily-clad little-girl figures. If you haven't, definitely check out his site as he has some amazing toy photography and I think he buys more toys than I do. He certainly spends more money than I do.

The really cool thing about Danny's site is that you can leave comments (many people from all over the world do) right on the site itself. But what is ultra cool is that you can choose from what seems like hundreds of really cool anime icons to represent yourself on Danny's site. I noticed he got them from Muroi's Art Factory. So I went there and fumbled around since the site is only in Japanese, but found all kinds of Icons you see here. Since I don't read or write in Japanese, hopefully it's ok to use them. (he did have buttons to download them) In any case, check it out and Icon away!!!

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