Saturday, February 18, 2006

Gundam Explanation II: Amazing 3D CG!!

I was on RixRobots the other night. Rick is a very thorough Gundam toy and figure collector. He has the ENTIRE U.S. Gundam Collection and he's on his way to having every Gundam figure that ever existed. Pretty hardcore Gundam Fan if you ask me. I'm looking at his collection and thinking to myself, "Man, that's a lot of money invested in Gundam!" We call guys like Rick "Completists". I've always noticed that Rick has these realy beautiful 3D CG images of Gundam on his site. Absolutely amazing! I noticed that they are from a Japanese site called Gundam Explanation II. So I went there the other night to check it out. Good Gracious Gundam fans!! They have literally HUNDREDS of these gorgeous 3D CG images of Gundams and Zeons. They apparently were created in this program called Gundam Virtual Modeler and cover pretty much the entire 0079-0083 "Epochs". I personally have never seen many of the models pictured here before - especially in these color schemes. The site is in Japanese, but you can fumble about with the hyper-links and figure out what is what. I downloaded like 50 images cause I think they are so damn cool. What I realized later is that I really don't like Gundam that much at all. I think I grabbed one Gundam. My aesthetic sensibilities are much more geared towards the Zeon side of the house. I'm not sure if that makes me a "villian" or I just think villians are cooler. I mean, really...are the Zeons really villians or just mis-understood? In any case, enjoy this gallery of Zeons!! Can you tell that my favorites are Kaempfer and Doms?? Gundam Explanation II is must visit for any Gundam / Zeon fan!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow this is brilliant. Pretty intricate details

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