Monday, February 06, 2006

Yamato 1/15 Transformable Garland Coming in May!!!

Yeah, I never heard of it either, but apparently this film may have been one of the inspirations for the "Matrix". Dunno, but sounds good. The Garland is from the anime Megazone 23 (pronounced two-three). Description from the ADV Film site:

"One of the most groundbreaking titles of its day, Megazone 23 follows the tale of rebellious teenager Shougo Yahagi and his friends, whose only desire at the moment is to have a little fun and live their lives as they please.

Unfortunately, the world as they know it is about to be turned upside down. One of Shougo’s older friends appears before the teen with a prototype motorcycle called the Bahamut. But the Bahamut is much more than just an ordinary motorcycle, as Shougo and his friends are about to find out. The veil of secrecy and deception surrounding this mysterious bike places Shougo and his comrades in the crosshairs of some dangerous men who will stop at nothing to retrieve the Bahamut and the secrets it hides. Sucked into a secret world of danger where nothing is as it seems, Shougo must fight for survival and his sanity as he discovers that everything he knows about his world is wrong.

Featuring a revolutionary storyline that laid the groundwork for such similar blockbuster titles like The Matrix, this extraordinary piece of classic Japanese animation is definitely one title that is not to be missed when ADV releases Megazone 23 on DVD this summer.

Check out this link for a trailer which describes our hero as a "guy with a coooool bike that gets laid alllll summer long..." I kid you not.

In any case, Yamato is going to release a very cool transformable figure that morphs from coooool bike to pimped up robot. I wonder if he gets laid alllllll summer long too? You know i'm a sucker for motorcycles. And ones the transform into robots??? Forgetta bout it... Pre-order it from you know...the guys at Hobby Link Japan for $134. Due out this May or thereabouts.


Anonymous said...

The anime is actiually pretty good - well, parts 1 & 2, part 3 is weaker. Part one is from the same crew who did the original Macross, and some of the story elements were things they thought of for Macross but didn't end up using. MegaZone23 is one of the first anime OAVs.

ADV's trailer makes it sound a bit cheesy, I admit. There is *one* sex scene in the original OAV, and it isn't at all graphic.

toybot studios said...

thanks megazone. I always appreciate comments. Cool that you are a fan of...uh, well Megazone (two, three)!! I guess you named your site after the anime? that's hardcore.

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