Thursday, January 26, 2006

New Gundam HCM Pro Figures Preview

For those of you not familiar with Bandai's HCM Pro Series toys, don't worry, i'm not holding it against you. I had no idea what the heck HCM Pro were until just a few months ago. They are not models and I wouldn't say they are really action figures. Let's just call the "Action Models". You like that? They are 1/200 scale so they are sort of mini figures. They stand around 4 inches tall and are made out of the same plastic that Bandai models are made from. However, unlike a model, these little bad boys are already put together and they have some limited articulation. They are highly detailed, come molded in color and have accessories and extra hands. They are very, very cool. The Dom that I am holding right now has a tiny helmet with a clear plastic face plate. You can actually remove it to see the big red eye underneath. Very detailed. The plastic inside his shoulders is molded in red which makes for a very nice touch.

Bandai is coming out with two new sets due out in February. The first is a Blaze AND a Gunner Zaku set which features two figures. One is the Zaku Blaze which is not terribly unlike my MSiA version posted not too long ago with the cool duel, spikey shoulder shields. The other figure is a Zaku with a huge laser blaster or cannon or some huge firearm complete with a back-pack energy battery or something. Man, they look cool. I might just have to order a set for myself! Pre-order it yourself for $40 from Joel over at BigBadToystore

The second HCM Pro figure coming out is a Zeta Gundam that transforms! Very, very cool! Remember these little buggers are only 4-5 inches tall! Again, highly detailed and looks to have the fine engineering for a seamless tranformation that you would normally see in a much larger figure. I like it. I might just have to order this one as well! Pre-order it for $25 from BigBadToystore

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