Sunday, January 22, 2006

Run DMC Figures Revisited

I've always been a fan of Run DMC. Old Skool Rap that started it all. I might be dating myself a bit, but these guys are the originators. When Jam Master Jay died and Mezco produced these figures in his honor, I decided to pick up a set. I think I got all three for like $25 at the time. Well, they've gone up and now the current series are going for $80 a set, but have different outfits. I like the rare camo fatigues, but nothing screams Run DMC like the Adidas Red outfits and the black puffy jackets with the faux fur collars! I busted the original set with the black jeans and black jackets out the other day to shoot them with the new camera. How fitting it would be if you bought them from the venerable ToyTokyo located in the heart of Manhattan!





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