Sunday, January 22, 2006

Eureka Seven Transforming Figure On Sale!!!

When I first saw these Eureka Seven figures some months ago, I thought they were pretty cool. Based on an anime of the same name, these futuristic cars transform into cool robots on Surfboards! Each figure comes with a stand so you can pose them in that BANZAI! Shooting the Curl! type of pose. They were like $40-$45 when they first came out and I was almost going to get one, but there were too many other toys with a higher acquisition priority. So I'm really glad I didn't, because being the cheap lad that I am, I would be pissed right now. I guess you guys aren't buying Eureka Seven, because although they are backordered on Japanese sites like Hobby Link Japan, there are two U.S. sites that have them on sale. I just picked up the light blue Terminus 808 on sale for $19.99 at BigBadToyStore! Now that's a deal worth waiting for! They come in three or four different colors but somewhat similar styles. Go get 'em while they last. You can also find them for $5.00 more at tisinc99 if BBTS runs out.

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