Wednesday, January 04, 2006

FF Advent Children: Kadaj's Motorcycle Preview!!!

Yet again, I find myself apologizing in advance. I feel slightly guity for this post as it is nothing more than pictures from the latest copy of Hobby Japan. I did try to find better images on the web, but none could be found. Out of all the new stuff in Hobby Japan, I was compelled to write about Kadaj's Motorcycle because when I first saw the movie Advent Children, one of the first scenes was Kadaj and his brother's on these really cool motorcyles. I was thinking: "hey, those are cool. Why don't they make those into figures as well to go along side Cloud's Fenrir Motorcycle?" So when I saw the picture in Hobby Japan, it was like they read my mind or something! Since I don't read Japanese, I don't know when it will be released and if it will come with Kadaj or any of his brothers. It's totally cool and complimentary to Cloud's Fenrir. I definitely plan on getting one.

The other picture is an extra part set for Cloud which includes a different head, hand and his massive sword. I'll probably end up buying this as soon as it's on one of the overseas websites.

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