Friday, December 30, 2005

Paolo Parente's Dust KV-47 Tactical Armor

Ok, so i'm a little slow. The KV-47 Tactical Armor shown here came out ages ago. Since this is not necessarily a toy news blog, give me a little slack. I first saw this hulking figure a ways back in a toy store when it was going for like $89 and it didn't include any of the extra figures. Recently I saw a version in Hobby Japan that caught my eye specifically because of the tiny German figure with of duck tape as her bra! For those of you old enough, you might remember Wendy O. Williams from the Plasmatics! Finally I saw this set in LA's Chinatown for a very reasonable $59 including the aforementioned Wendy O. Williams figurine, but I didn't buy it. I figured if it was $59 in a retail store, I must be able to get it cheaper online. Alas, this time I appear to be wrong as I see them online for $65 on up. ugh. Damn the retail stores! Damn the web!

So I did a little more research and found out the KV-47 Tactical Armor figure comes from a comic by Paolo Parente called "Dust". It's about an alternate universe where the Germans and Japanese win World War II. I guess if the Germans won, we would see a lot more duct tape on nipples! It's an interesting idea, a popular comic. I love the mecha designs as they look like they belong in WWII, but have a very interesting alternative bi-podal Japanese design aesthetic as well. The sets came in three different versions: the one above left, a winter version and the Wendy O. Williams version. The other figures you see here are custom kits that I don't believe have been released as figures yet.

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