Sunday, December 18, 2005

Fewture EX Gokin Getter 1, 2 & 3 Coming in January, Hopefully

Follow-Up to the post on Black Getter: From the cool guys at Zinc Panic "The EX Gokin series of Getter Robo figures from Fewture Models is planned to include Black Getter, Getter 1, Getter 2, and Getter 3 -- in that order. Black Getter is locked in as a Hobby Japan mail in exclusive, costing ¥24,800. It's not been decided if the other three will or won't be similar magazine exclusives.Black Getter should ship in August, with his cohorts following every other month after. If the others remain magazine exclusives, the price will likely not budge. If they go into the channel, the price is expected to be something in the ¥20,000 range.Black Getter is described as about half metal, also with heavy use of ABS, standing at about ten inches tall."

Do you see these guys??? Holy Gazebo Getter!! Fewture is outdoing themselves with Getter 1, 2 & 3. Look at the details on the arms of Getter 3!! Hey, I think Getter 2 has my drill bit on his left arm. Seriously, i've been looking for that...$200 bones each is not cheap by any means, but look at these things! They look like they could rip you in half! These guys are Baaadaaaaassss!

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Anonymous said...

I broke down and purchased Getter 1. I 'm a big Getter fan, and I couldn't simply pass this one up. I couldn't pass up SHE's getter either. Both do something different in their own respects, and very nicely at that. That to me, is more interesting than the same character done the same way over and over and over. This one is pricey, yes, but so are a lot of Japanese toys--so i made some sacrifices. This one is special in that it is a *successful* modern make-over of an old character. I think Taku-san did a great job. Sure, they're going up in price, but I don't see anyone actually buying any of them at those prices. I think the after market will wise up (hopefully). I'm keeping my Getter if I can help it.

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