Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Front Mission Trading Arts Series 2 Mini Figures Coming!!!!

Just a short post with a sneak peek of Square Enix's new Front Mission Trading Arts Mini Figures coming in February. This is the second series in the line-up and from the looks of things, were going to be treated to some different color schemes including a sort of yellow-ish, pink-ish and lime-greenish variations along with some cool tiger-striping of the mini mechas. If the first series are any indication of what is to come, we are going to be happy campers come Valentines Day as these mighty mini mechs feature tons of articulation, posability and weapons.

I've fallen victim to the 5% "early bird" discount Hobby Link Japan is offering for pre-ordering these mini wheats of plastic sweetness. Approximately $65 for a case of 12 figures seems a fair price compared to spending $70 on eBay with some bastard for 7 figures. Having said that, I still have more than a few Armored Core Mini Figures doubles that I haven't got around to selling on eBay!

Pre-Order them now from Hobby Link Japan for around $65 for a sealed case of 12 figures not including overseas shipping - or better yet, wait until I post mine on eBay for $12 each!

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