Friday, December 09, 2005

No More Toys Allowed!!!

I've been on bit of a toy buying spree lately. I think it's this damn blog. As i'm looking for new stories and ideas online, when I come across something totally cool, I want to buy it and then take pictures of it, and then write about it! It's a vicious circle I tell ya. If I could find out a way to actually make any money doing this, I might be able to at least fund the toy purchases. But alas, this does not seem to be in the cards yet. All the online stores which provide the cool banners on the right keep sending me emails asking if they can help in some way. They noticed I put up these banners weeks ago, yet no one is clicking through and buying anything. I don't blame you guys, I never click through banners and when I do, I rarely buy. Other than that, traffic is not terribly high yet either. I will say it's growing a rapid pace which is totally cool! So send the link to your buddies without shame as they will think you're totally hip because Japanese toys are so IN these days. Remember, it's the uber hip that collect toys now.

Here is a pic of some recent packages that have arrived that I haven't completely had the chance to open up and shoot. My wife scolded me that I'm buying too many toys and that I'm not allowed anymore including Christmas. Ack! What she doesn't know is that more packages will be arriving through the New Year. I've got pre-orders stacked on top of pre-orders. I'm a toy buying junkie. I purchased 3 sets of the Gundam Ultimate Collection mini-figures last night alone. A lot of stuff I purchased from Japan weeks and weeks ago hasn't even shown up yet. It's slightly embarrassing when guests ask if all these toys packages are for my 19 month old daughter and I have to tell them: "ummmm, not really. these toys are for me!" I tell 'em it's in the name of research for my blog. Then they say: "you have a blog about toys?" I reply: "yeah, it's a blog about mostly imported Japanese toys".

Then they say: " what's for dinner?"

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