Sunday, December 18, 2005

Macross 1/100 VB-6 Koenig MONSTER

Let's face it, transformable robots are cool. I've always been into Macross since I was a kid. A couple of years ago, I got theMacross Plus DVD movie which is quite good. When Yamato first began making the transformable Valkyries years ago, I was one of the first to pick one up. I was totally enamored with how it transformed into three different modes including Robot, "Gerwalk" (inbetween) and Jet. The engineering is amazing and the high-quality figure made for a fine addition to any collection. Over the years, Valkyries kinda slipped under the radar for me. I haven't purchased any additional Valkyries to add to my collection for some unknown reason. I think my thought process was that once you had one Valkyrie, you kinda had them all since they look similar. Now there are a ton of different versions made by different manufacturers with varying costs, materials and quality. For hardcore collectors such as yourself, I would suggest sticking to Yamato which makes several versions in different price points to suit your needs.

What brought me to this post is that I recently saw a macross toy that I have never seen before. It's not a Valkyrie, but this crazy ship called the "Koenig Monster". This think is AWESOME! It's like the Hummer of the Macross universe! It's some kind of heavy drop ship with unbelievable firepower. Love those canons! I love how beefy and stocky is looks in any mode be it "Shuttle", Gerwalk or "Destroid". This one Macross toy has made me take another look at the whole Macross toy universe and seriously consider picking up a couple of new additions to my Faithful YF-19. The pictures below are some of versions that I might consider including the Koenig Monster of course. Pick up the Koenig Monster at Hobby Link Japan for around $127 not including overseas shipping. Still in stock now!!

Get the HLJ "Early Bird" special on Yamato's amazing new VF-1S Variable Fighter!! From HLJ: "Complete transformation and superb detail, in a size that truly calls for two hands! Yamato's new VF-1S Variable Fighter does jaw-dropping justice to the Valkyrie piloted by Hikaru Ichijo in the movie Macross: Do You Remember Love? ! A pioneer in bringing to us 1/48-scale transforming Valkyrie toys, Yamato takes advantage of the opportunities offered by this immense scale -- such as a detailed cockpit with removable pilot figure, opening cockpit hatch and nosecone complete with radome, and individually posable fingertips! Weapons are included to mount or remove as you please. All in a dramatic window box with velcro-seal opening cover. Full-color instruction booklet is included. The ultimate in Valkyries, and in huge demand--get yours before they're gone!" Get it before January 6th from Hobby Link Japan for around $121 not including overseas shipping.

How about the very interesting and alien 1/60 Queadluun-Rau? "The Queadluun-Rau, customised for Max Jenius in bright blue, is fully completed in sturdy plastic, and painted; it even comes with optional missile launchers. The shoulders, hips, knees and ankles are jointed; the cockpit opens and closes, though no figure of Max is included. Even the manipulators on this snazzy beast are indvidually jointed. Unlike the completed Valkyries that Yamato's released, the Queadluun-Rau is fully-marked, and no stickers are included or necessary. Just remove it from the package and play or display!" I think it's very cool and no Macross collection should be without. They also have an older version in red. Check it out for around $84 not including overseas shipping from Hobby Link Japan

How about the affordable 1/65 version of the VF-17 S Stealth Fighter from Bandai? From Japan Toy Link: "This item is a completed posable action toy designed for collector. Fully-transformable of VF-17 S Stealth Valkyrie from the series "Macross". Can be transforms from fighter to gerwalk and battroid modes, without having to remove any pieces except the gun (gun is included but requires some assembly). Made from tough ABS plastic with metal hinge points. Excellent detail and paint job. It does not require either painting or cement to complete or use." Get it now while in stock for $75 at Japanese Toy Link.

How about the VT-1 Ostrich? "This item is posable die-cast metal with ABS plastic action toy designed for collectors. The two-seater trainer Valkyrie from Macross "Do You Remember Love" comes in 1/60 scale, and fully-transformable from Fighter to Gerwalk to Battroid mode. It comes complete with Fast Pack parts, trademark large propellant tanks and no weaponry. Two figures are included in the cockpit. It does not require either cement or painting to complete or use." Get it while in stock for $95 from Japanese Toy Link

Harder to find Valkyries:

1/72 YF-21 with Fastpack:
1/48 Super VF-1J Miriya Valkyrie

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