Saturday, December 03, 2005

Kidrobot Munny Show at Minna Gallery, San Francisco

Kidrobot is poised to take over the toy world! It all started when they decided to get fashionista artists to put their designs on the 2" Dunny which were, and continue to be, a blockbuster hit. They are toys, but not for kids and not for your usual geeky ToyFare kind of collector. Dunny's and to a certain extent, Kubricks before them are toys that crossed over passed the mainstream and onto the hard-to-reach plateau of the super-uber hip. I wouldn't be surprised if more than one celebrity has a couple of Dunnys on their desk designed by the same guy who made their Golden Globe Gown.

Well, Kidrobot along with Originator Dunny Artist Tristan Eaton have done it again with Munny. What are Munny? A Munny is essentially a blank Dunny (sans the rabbit ears) but a bit larger, around 8". They are blank so you can paint and design them yourself. When they first hit the scene a few months ago, I was like, meh. Who wants to paint their own toys? Apparently everybody and their Mother does. They look to be an even bigger hit than Dunny as anyone can create any kind of figure they want. There are websites, discussion boards, How to guides, photo gallerys and a few weeks ago right here in San Francisco, a honest to goodness Munny Art show at the Minna Gallery featuring some of those uber hip and fashionista artist mentioned earlier putting their own spin on the Munny! At $25 each for basically a white toy canvas, I would say Money is the more appropriate spelling!

Photos courtesy with actual permissions from Flickr buddy and urban hipster Spookypaw.

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