Monday, December 12, 2005

Gundam Ultimate Operation Plus 2 Mini Figures Coming!!!

So I'm admiring Flickr buddy QuattroVageena's cool toy photography the other day and I see a picture of a Dom Tropen that I have never seen before (left). Not that i'm a hardcore Gundam guy and know every single figure out there, but it was interesting because the way Quattro shot the picture, It was hard to tell if it was a model or toy. Upon further inspection, you could tell it was a figure and not a model. It looked pretty cool as it was fairly detailed and it had a nice paint job. Quattro's photography makes all toys look
particularly interesting. I then saw the blister pack that the toys came in. I had never seen this line of Gundam figures called "Fusion Works". Again, although I'm not an authority on Gundam, nor claim to be one, I did think that I had at the least seen all the Gundam action figure lines. Interested to learn more, I searched for Fusion Works and discovered that the line is actually called "Gundam Ultimate Operation". I also learned that they have been making these damn things for years and have several versions and somehow they all managed to escape me. Amazing what you learn on the internet. I found this set of six from Jbox out of Japan (below left) for $40 which seems reasonable considering other online stores wanted $12 each for these little buggers. As you can see, they are pretty detailed, fully painted, around 3 inches tall, come with weapons and have a fine selection of my favorite Gundam robots. They apprear to have limited articulation but feature these dynamic "going to kick your ass" poses.

In the buying mood and hungry for more Gundam UO, I went over to Hobby Link Japan and purchased another two sets. The first set is called "Gundam Ultimate Operation Best" which is a collection of the most popular Gundam robots. You can see the two versions that Quattro has are part of this set. I thought it was a bargain at $20 for five (5) figures (right).

I was also pleased to learn that Bandai is coming out with a new set called Gundam Ultimate Operation Plus 2 which should be shipping in December for around $33 not including overseas shipping. Check out the weapons below left!

So just like that in the blink of an eye, the power of Quattro's toy photography, the global reach of the internet and a couple of online stores, I now will be receiving three sets totaling nineteen (19) tasty Gundam mini figures for less than a hundy. That comes to around $5 each which is not bad!

Thanks Quattro for beginning my Ultimate Operation Collection!!

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