Friday, December 09, 2005

Hot off the Presses: Soul Calibur III and Tekken 5 Mini Figures Coming!!!!

From David Karlin from

"If there's one thing Japan loves besides videogames, it's collecting videogame figures. Walking down a street, you'll often find "gashapon" machines, small contraptions you drop quarters in and random figures enclosed in a plastic bubble roll out.

In Japan, the figures are much cooler than ours and, instead of a quarter, it's $3-5. Additionally, traditional action figures and models are released in the thousands each year and game districts will often have every type of figure lining the shelves.

Joining the ranks of these figures is Namco's "Game Character Goods Collection," featuring both Tekken 5 and Soul Calibur III. The Tekken 5 figures will be released in January at $6 each
accompanied by a variety of accessories such as alternate costumes. The lineup consists of Nina, Yoshimitsu, Ling, Jin, Heihachi, and Raven.

A month later, Soul Calibur III follows, complete with multiple weapon types equipable on each character to replicate the feel of the game. Kilik, Cassandra, Voldo, Tira, Taki, and Mitsurugi make up the lineup for this set.

If you're bummed about Japan getting all the cool stuff, you shouldn't worry too much. Japanese figures are often released in the US a few months after, so there's a good chance these figures will show up at your local game or anime stores next year.

SPECIAL thanks goes to Degenki Online for the pictures."

Oh my, oh my. So beautiful, so detailed, so much mini figure yumminess....I'm so there! Can you believe the extra weapons sets included with the Soul Calibur figures??? Crazy!! How about the extra funny accessories for the Tekken crowd?? I love it!

Can you say "pre-order"? Do it now! ToyWiz is taking pre-orders for the full set of six Soul Calibur figures for $45. They are supposed to arrive in March 2006. Or you can buy a sealed case of twelve figures from Hobby Link Japan for $60 not including overseas shipping. The lazy guy will just get the set from ToyWiz and pay the premium. The toy entrepreneur will buy the case from HLJ and sell the duplicates on eBay. Which one will I be? hmmmmm....

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