Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bandai's Latest S.I.C.: Akumaizer 3!!!

The latest in Bandai's Superb Super Imaginative Chogokin (S.I.C.) line is another throwback to your yester-year circa 1970-ish. This Trifecta Trio of Akumaizer Three (3) is a terriffic tasting treat featuring three figures in one package! As with all S.I.C. figures, these guys feature some of the best sculpting, paint, accessories and weapons in the business! Akumaizer 3 features multiple heads, hands and weapons to keep you busy. I especially like the Blue guy (except for his kinda gross head). $50 is not bad considering you are getting three detailed and excellent figures. You would normally expect to pay that much just for one! $65 INCLUDING overseas shipping from our friends at Hobby Link Japan. You might get it quicker if order it from our other friends at Action-HQ but expect to pay $79 not including overseas shipping. Click on one of the links to the right, tough guy.

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