Thursday, December 08, 2005

Multi Color MSiA Blaze Zaku Phantoms!!!

I'm going to admit being a bit of a toy snob. Until just recently, I thought Bandai's MSiA line was beneath me and my penchant for only the higher quality and more expensive Fix Figuration and Zeonography line. I stand before you a converted man! I was attracted to the MSiA Blaze Zaku Phantom figure due to the interesting design with the massive dual spiked shields on each shoulder. Let's face it, toys in cool poses sell! I can never figure out why any online toy store would only show a lame picture of the box or package without showing what the figure looks like in a cool pose. When I saw the black Blaze Zaku Phantom in the pose replicated here, I had to have it. I have to admit this was my first MSiA figure. My perception was that the MSiA line was cheaper, lower quality and less articulated than the more sophisticated Fix Figuration and Zeonography line. While the MSiA figures are certainly cheaper ($15-$20 each on average compared to the $35-$50 for Fix or Zeonography), they are not bad in terms of quality, materials, paint and articulation. Not bad at all! MSiA figures are not as detailed and the plastic is a little cheaper, but well worth the money and considering that there are far more models and figures to choose from, I would have to say i've been wrong about the entire MSiA line.

Here today, we have a multi-color mosh pit of MSiA Blaze Zaku Phantoms to choose from. Essentially, they come in a few different flavors including Black, Orange, Blue and White. Some of the weapons vary from version to version so I would encourage you to get them all. Check out the nice selection at

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