Saturday, December 17, 2005

Final Fantasy: Advent Children DVD REVIEW

Just so you know, I'm not a Final Fantasy fan at all. I've never even played ANY of the video games ever. I'm not into RPG's. I'm not against them, but i've never been attracted to them. I've always found them a bit boring and lacking in the action department. But I am into anime and CG movies. When the first Final Fantasy movie "Spirits Within" came out, I saw it in the theatre and bought the DVD. While I was not particularly fond of the storyline, the graphics were amazing. The same can be said for "Advent Children". Not only are the graphics amazing, I was completely blown away with the fight sequences. Only in CG could you see such unbelievable, heart-pounding, gravity-defying, physics-ignoring fight scenes. There are several truly mind-blowing fight sequences including two on the very cool Fenrir motorcyles that are completely worth the price of admission alone. The storyline is Final Fantasy. What more can I say? It's been said that you won't appreciate the movie unless you're a die-hard FF fan which might be true if you want to completely understand the story line. I didn't fully appreciate all the character nuances and background plotlines, etc. because I never played any of the games, but you don't have to be a FF fan to appreciate the amazing graphics and the truly insane fight sequences. As far as CG action, Advent Children is some of the best I've ever seen. I got my copy on eBay for a very reasonable $14 so it's quite a bargain if you ask me. Highly recommended. Go get it!

Since I just finished the movie, the FF Advent Children toys being released below are a bit more meaningful. I've already pre-ordered my Cloud and Fenrir motorcycle set for $59. The rest of the toys below can be found readily at most online stores or eBay from $22 for the action figures to $30-$40 for the ship above and monsters.

Get the DVD and then check out the toys!!!

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Anonymous said...

Haha you're such a looser, who buys final fantasy toys??? Seriously?
the worst part is that you haven't even played one of the games and you still spend money for silly figurines.


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