Friday, December 09, 2005

Mighty McFarlane Mecha Madness!!!!

Mighty McFarlane is at it again with one of their better series to come out lately: Series 28 Regenerated Action Figures. Todd takes his most beloved characters and completely re-designs them from the ground up. It's fresh, yet familiar and totally cool. I'm trying to find the new Mandarin Spawn at a decent price but I did manage to pick up the Regenerated "Cyber" Spawn 2. As always, the sculpting is top drawer and the red metallic flake paint sparkles under the lights! My only complaint is that it didn't come with any weapsons whatsoever! What's up with that?? McFarlane is known for all the cool weapons and accessories! While this is supposed to be the regenerated Cyber Spawn, I thought it looked more like the original "Manga" Spawn which was also Red in color. The Manga Spawn shown here is actually one of my very first adult toy purchases that started it all. I got the silver re-paint version with the rare Kanji characters on the included sword.

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