Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What Does $500 Buy You These Days?

I know there are lot's of hardcore toy collectors out there that routinely spend hundreds if not thousands on toys. Especially vintage, rare, hard-to-find toys. These guys are "Super Collectors" as they are known in the toy circles and are serious about their toys. For example, my very first post was on Mark Nagata who has the world's largest Ultraman Collection. He spent $5,000 on the "RedUltraman" vintage bullmark vinyl doll. That's a lot of cheddar, yo. He has a couple of toys reported to be worth $10,000.

I myself, am not a super collector. By all comparisons, I have a pretty meager collection in fact. I think the most I ever spent on a toy was like $150 and it wasn't even a toy. It was a cold cast statue of Cloud Strife on his Hardy Daytona motorcycle.

So, $500 to me is a lot to spend on a single toy. When I first came across The Transformable Getter Robot Renewal Version from Studio Half Eye, it's listed for $719 on Action-HQ. Hobby Link Japan has it for just under $500 not including overseas shipping. While this toy is not new, it is a remarkable feat of engineering to behold. If my eyes serve me correctly, the three spaceships not only form to make Getter Robot, but also transform alternatively into Getter2 and Getter3!!! If you're like me justifying this purchase, you would say that you are really only paying $83 for each of 6 different toys. That's not too bad! It even comes with a little screwdriver to tighten things up after the constant transforming.

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