Monday, October 24, 2005

Gundam Master Grade Kits 70% Off at Amazon!!!

So I was surfing around the other night comtemplating my next toy purchase and I came across Danny Choo's very cool site. Danny is a Chinese guy who grew up in London and now lives high- roller style in Tokyo. I was first drawn to his site because of his awesome toy photography. It's definitely worth checking out. You might also learn a couple of things on his site too.

Danny is a dot com baby. He's probably made a gazillion dollars during the internet boom and now he's just living large, kicking back in Tokyo. I read with great enthusiasm his Profile and actually learned some cool stuff that is now eventually making it's way back around to you - the four (4) readers of this blog.

Danny was a software developer at He has a section in his profile where he talks about how he likes to make money. Who doesn't? Since i'm a neophyte to this whole blogging, banner ad, linking-stuff, I don't know anything about making money off a website. Danny being a seasoned pro with like 85 Ka-Jillion people visiting his site(s) per month, (yes, that's Ka-Jillion with a "K"), knows all about getting paid on the 'net. So I learned about Banner Ads, Text-Linking and Amazon's Affiliate Program and Webservices tools which Danny helped to code.

I signed up for Amazon's Affiliate Program immediately. It was very easy to do and straight forward. They have this section where it allows you to build all kinds of banners and links to put on your site. I was really impressed with how easy it was. I created the banner on the right in a few minutes so when you click on any of the Gundam toys or models, I will get paid a small commission or something. I also learned how to link to specific products, any page or search results on Amazon. All the while getting credit if any of you guys decide to click through and buy from this blog.

So, looooonnnnnnnng way around, I discovered that Amazon is dumping several Gundam Master Grade model kits for like 70% OFF!!! This is quite a deal as they are now like $20 each!! I paid like $50 for the MS-Kaempfer kit you see above and it remains one of my favorites. So, check out the Gundam Master Grade kits on sale at Amazon and save, save, save!!!!

You see, Grasshopper, you can learn much on the web!

Thanks Danny!! When I make my millions off this site, i'll come hang out with you bling, bling style in Tokyo!!

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