Friday, October 07, 2005

Cloud Strife and Fenrir Motorcycle Action Figure!!

I can't say i'm a Final Fantasy fan.
In fact, I don't like RPG's at all. I have never purchased nor played any of the Final Fantasy games. Having said this, I do like the motorcyles that Cloud Strife rides!

I bought the original cold cast statue featuring Cloud and his "Hardy Daytona" bike which has one of the most incredible designs ever (see below). Now with Final Fantasy VII Advent Children coming out, Square Enix released a limited edition package that includes all kinds of Advent Children schwag including the DVD, hat, keychain, t-shirt and most importantly, Cloud and his new "Fenrir" motorcyle. Those of you that have seen the movie trailer no doubt think this ride is cool. Unfortunately for those of us that don't have $329 to spend on this bundle just to get the action figure, can calm down for Square is going to release just the Cloud figure and Fenrir motorcyle late this year or early next for around $75!!! Can you say Pre-order? Both Cloud Strife with Fenrir Motorcycle ($75) and Cloud Strife on Hardy Daytona ($169) can be found at

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