Thursday, October 20, 2005

Panzer World Galient Action Figure!!!

So I was down in San Jose, CA a few weeks ago and decided to visit one of the only Japanese toy stores in the south bay: Farout Toys. The new owner is this cool guy named Izzy Hernandez and like me, he loves Japanese toys and mecha. His newly re-modeled store is really cool as he focuses on toys (as opposed to kits and models) including Japanese toys as well as american and european military toys.

Anyways, he asked me what I like to collect and I told him: "Mecha - anything but Gundam". Like I said in my earlier post, it's not like I hate Gundam. Ok, I said I hated Gundam, but if you read the post, I don't really hate Gundam. I'm just tired of it. Izzy nodded knowingly and picked up this little gem of an action figure from the OVA series Panzer World Galient. I snapped it out of his hands because I had never seen this action figure before. It's totally cool because it's mecha, but not Gundam, and it comes with a sword and shield. There is something about mecha with swords and shields that is very cool. It's made by Yujin so the sculpting and metallic flake paint is incredible but the articulation is second to none. When you pick up this bad boy, you know you can pose it in almost any way you want and it will stay. It comes with extra hands, a sword and shield. Until Izzy gets his online store,, you can visit him at 161 Jackson Street, Suite #1, San Jose, CA. Or just call him at (408) 279-3073.

Otherwise, pick up the Panzer online for around $30 not including overseas shipping from our friends at Hobby Link Japan

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GXD said...

I know that this is such and old post,but you're one of those articles that makes me want to get this guy,and actually already on its way to my home,im one of those late guy who just started watching 80's robot show about 2 years ago,the Crest of Heart OVA is such a gallant episode,love tetsukyojin!

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