Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Buy The RIGHT Chirico Action Figure!!!

For you Votom fans out there and I know there are plenty, what's the deal with your affinity for Scopedog? I have to admit, I haven't been able to get into the Scopedog design. I mean they look like fire hydrants with legs! Before both of you guys that actually read this blog (and are probably rabid Votoms fans) flame me, send DNS attacks, viruses, worms, hate mail, etc., please know that i'm actually going to buy my first Votom toy which is the 1/12 Chirico Action figure. I was about to post this blog and while looking for pictures on Hobby Link Japan, I realized that there are actually two Chirico action figures from two different manufacturers. Takara is making a $12.00 version (not including overseas shipping) that has just been released as part of their Microman series. Its less expensive, but as you can see, much less detailed than its counterpart. Check out the Takara version from Hobby Link Japan. Yamato is the other manufacturer and the one that first attracted my attention. It's almost 3x as expensive at $33.00 (not including overseas shipping), but I think the attention to detail, paint, accessories are well worth it. Check out the Yamato version from Hobby Link Japan. So buyer beware! Choose the right Chirico! If you can't tell the difference, then buy the Takara version and save some $$$. What's also cool is that both figures will fit right into the massive 1/12 ATM-09-ST Scopedog from Yamato. A bit too pricey for me at $156. Since you're a cheap bastard, why not get the purple version 1/12 Scopedog Melquia Regular Force Color from Yamato. onsale for $109 (not including overseas shipping)


Anonymous said...

aw, man. hey there's another cool site in case you haven't heard of it. tmpanime.com They had the 1/12 scopedog for $99. I picked up one from toyslogic.com for $98.50, but the price has gone up since then. Tmpanime usually have great deals, but not a lot of mecha, unfortunately. drop by sometime if you haven't already. The service is great, and the owner, Tamim, is a real nice guy.

toybot studios said...

yes, i'm familiar with tmpanime.com! Tamim is great! I also have his banners on my site!

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