Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Neo Kaiju Mini Figures Almost Gone! Get Them!

You have probably seen the Neo Kaiju light blue eggs at a retail store or online but didn't know what they were all about. Sometimes knowing the story behind the toy makes them all that more desirable. The Neo Kaiju (New Monster) Project is a collaboration between Super7, Strangeco and five artists: Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, Seonna Hong, Kathy Staico-Schorr and Todd Schorr.

The concept is pretty unique: get American artists and designers to put their spin on a traditional Japanese monster (kaiju) as well as design a completely new figure. The result is a tongue and cheek nod to the old as well as completely new and unique figures by some of the hottest talent today!

By far my favorite is "Steampunk" by Todd Schorr. His take on the classic three-headed dragon Ghidrah from Godzilla is priceless! Todd's take has his version of Ghidrah made out of cast-iron with a pot-belly stove as his body. I love it. Get it if you can on eBay.

My other favorite Neo Kaiju is "Trilomonk" by Kathy Staico-Schorr (Todd's wife) I swear when I picked up my favorites, I had no idea they were done by husband and wife! Kathy's figure is tongue and cheek hilarity with her version of evolution. You see, Trilomonk is a monkey holding a man's skull with a picture of Darwin on his chest riding an extinct Trilobite. So funny!

Each Neo Kaiju comes in a light blue transparent egg and thanks to our friends at Super7, they ARE NOT in a blind assortment. Yay! You can actually pick out the ones you want!

While these figures are not new, they are almost gone. They won't be making anymore of these figures, so if you were thinking about getting them, better do it now. $8.00 each and very few left at the Super7 Online Store Thanks Brian from Super7 for hooking me up!

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