Friday, October 07, 2005

Super #1 Robot Photo Book - Get it!!!

I have been a fan of Tim Brisko for a number of years now. When I started taking pictures of my Japanese toy collection, I was surprised and impressed to learn that there were actual professionals that specialized in this kind of thing. As you can see from the sample shots below, Tim's photography oozes with style. He shoots toys as the actual pieces of artwork that they are! The luscious photos bring me back to my early childhood when I would beg my mother to take me down to Japantown so I could stare at the glass cabinets filled with these intricate and detailed die-cast robots.

Now Tim has collaborated with toy legends Matt Alt, Robert Duban and Saburo Ishizuki on a photo book called Super #1 Robot. "The invasion began in the late 1970's . Legions of toy robots from Japan were quietly filling the shelves of our local toy stores. Their exotic, alluring forms were unlike anything else we had ever seen: shiny, outrageously colorful, festooned with spikes and swords and spring-powered missles and "rocket punches." Most important, they were nearly solid metal-just like giant robots should be."

The book is a showcase of these unique toys that were originally produced as merchandise for Japanese films and television shows produced between 1972 and 1982.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Matt Alt (right) and Robert Duban at the Super #1 Robot book signing at the Super7 Store in San Francisco (say that 3x fast!) a couple of weeks ago. Sadly, Tim was worried that his house would blow away in the Texas hurricane and unable to attend. Other toy legends included Allen Yen from ToyboxDX which is the CNN for toy news: as well as Brian Flynn from Super7 Magazine

The photography of the book is absolutely amazing! Over 200 gorgeous photographs that deserve to be framed and hung on your wall. I would highly suggest anyone interested in Japanese toys or just great photography to pick up a copy here. A bargain at Amazon for $13!!: Get it now!!!

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