Thursday, October 13, 2005

MUST GET: Bandai Soul of Popynica Kaneda & Bike

Continuing on with the theme of liking toys from games, or in this case, anime that I don't particularly care for, comes the outstanding Kaneda and bike from Bandai's Soul of Popynica series. Kaneda is the protagonist from the landmark anime Akira. Don't get me wrong, the graphics in Akira were groundbreaking to say the least. I just didn't like the story that much when I first saw it. I will say that watching Akira more recently, I definitely have more appreciation for this interesting anime.

One thing for sure, I have always loved Kaneda's motorcycle. I don't know what it is about futuristic motorcyles that have always captivated me. From the original Light Cycle from Tron to Cloud Strife's growing collection of two-wheel bad-ness to Kaneda's candy red pocket-rocket, motorcycles in general are just cool.

A few years ago, my heart was a flutter when McFarlane came out with Kaneda and his bike in all its action figure glory. I immediately bought one, but Kaneda did not have the articulation to sit down on the bike so I always thought that was kinda weird.

Then a year or two ago, my heart skipped a beat when I was on the pre-order page on Hobby Link Japan and saw that Bandai was issuing a Die-Cast version of Kaneda's bike! DIE-CAST!!! Oh my god! I was in heaven. Nothing could be cooler than a die-cast version of Kaneda's bike. Not only was the bike die-cast, Kaneda was meant to sit on the bike in this cool "What of it?" pose. However, the best part about this toy was that the panels on the left and right front end as well as the left and right rear end came off exposing the die-cast suspension underneath! Akira-me-now, i've gone to heaven!! You can still pick up this gem of a toy at Super7 for $65.00

I always thought it would be cool if someone actually made a working life-size version of the motorcycle ala American Chopper or something. But if you check out BlueBlade Akira you can see that someone already has.

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