Friday, October 21, 2005

Masked Rider Faiz (555) Transforming Motorcyle!!!!

I bought my first S.I.C. (Super Imaginative Chogokin) Kikaider and his sidecar motorcycle from Bandai several years ago (right). It was definitely a nod to my childhood as I remember watching the live-action TV show with great enthusiasm. I remember that I really, really wanted the die-cast version of this toy when I was a kid, but it was too expensive. I often find myself purchasing toys today that my parents couldn't or wouldn't buy me when I was a kid. I don't blame them of course. These toys cost a lot back then and they sure cost a lot now. In fact, I will go as far to say that I wouldn't buy my kids these toys. At almost $100 for this transforming motorcyle, this is not a toy for kids. Strictly for collectors unless you're a trustfund baby or something with money to burn. Even so, with all the accessories, small parts, complicated articulation, this toy would probably end up in a thousand pieces on the floor after a couple of hours never to be played with again. Nope, not for kids. Uhhhh...Sorry....slipped into a rant there.

Just released from Bandai's superb S.I.C. (Super Imaginative Chogokin) line, comes the red Masked Rider (aka Kamen Rider) Faiz (555) Vol. 29 Blaster Form & Auto Vajin. The entire S.I.C. line is amazing. The detail on the sculpting, paint, accessories, articulation, everything is just amazing. What I really like about this particular set is that the motorcycle transforms just like the TV show. It transform into another robot which can help in those sticky combat situations where you need more man-power and less motorcycle I guess. It goes for $99 from our friends at Action-HQ. Click on the banner on the right to feed the machine, please.

One last note, while trying to find good shots of this toy on the web (because I'm a cheap bastard and can't afford to buy it for myself), I stumbled across some amazing toy photography from Kelvin Tan out of Malaysia. If you're into toys and toy photography like us, do yourself a favor and check out his galleries. He has an amazing sense of style and composition. His toy portraits look as if the toys are lifesize and real! My apologies in advance, Kevin for stealing your photography for my own sordid uses, but hopefully admission of it (after the fact, of course) and recognition in my humble blog will serve as some sort of meager payment.

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