Monday, October 10, 2005

Metal Gear Solid 3 Kubrick- Comic-Con 2005 Exclusive

My first Kubrick was Snake from Metal Gear Solid 2 so its near and dear to my heart. On a trip to New York a couple of months ago, I picked up two new Kubrick Snakes: Snake from MGS3 in fire red fatigues and the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive MGS3 Snake in Soviet Cold War Uniform. Both can be found at Toy Tokyo for $14.99 each. Luckily for you, not in a blind assortment. The picture below showing Snake about to snipe one of the sleeping guards in MGS2 is actually one of my first and most popular toy photographs. I actually sold a framed copy at WonderCon a few years ago. If interested, we can make it into any assorted objects d'faire such as t-shirts and coffee mugs.

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