Friday, October 21, 2005

Virtual-On Set of 5 Trading Figures

Funny thing happened last weekend, my wife's cousin and family were visiting from Los Angeles. They have two teenage boys, so to keep them occupied, I broke out my vintage Sega Dreamcast. You remember Dreamcast don't you? It was Sega's next generation system before Playstation 2 came out and took over the world? I was too lazy to bust out my PS2 and all the games from my bedroom, so we just played the Dreamcast all weekend long. I have to say, after... I don't even know how many years, the Dreamcast has aged quite well. Kinda like a fine wine. The original Soul Caliber on the Dreamcast STILL looks and plays better than Soul Caliber 2 on the PS2. I'm not kidding. The original Sega Virtual Tennis is STILL the standard by which other video game tennis is measured. In fact, i'm busy playing Virtual Tennis on my PSP right now.

So what brings me to this post is that I almost forgot about a gem of a title called Virual On. I first played this video game in Tokyo - gawd over 10 years ago. It was one of those elaborate sit-down coin-op versions with fifty speakers and vibration and the whole nine yards. You played against some else sitting right next to you. In this case, it was my buddy John and to this day I still give him shit for kicking his ass in Virtual On. Anyways, they released a version on the Dreamcast which to this day kicks ass. The graphics show their age a little bit, but the gameplay is still spot on. The kids were loving all the robot shooting, missle firing, bomb-throwing mecha- melee for hours.

Which finally brings me full circle to this post. I recently came across the Virtual On One Coin Trading Mini Figures from Kotobukiya. You get a set of Five (5) 4-inch mini-figures pre-painted as you see with some articulation. Four of which are pictured plus a secret hidden character for $34.95 from Action-HQ. Click on the banners on the right and spend, spend, spend!

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