Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Horvath 2-Faced Dunnys Series 2!!!

ummmmmmm, yummmmmy are Dunnys!! Dunnys are cool. Dunnys are mini-figures created by urban vinyl pioneer Kid Robot. They are 2-inch goodness in the shape of a generic figure with long rabbit ears. What's really cool is that various celebrity artists, designers and their uber-hip crowd then put their own individual design on the figures.

Extremely addictive and highly collectible, Dunnys is now on Series 2. They are generally sold in a blind assortment but many purveyors on eBay will happily sell you an entire set so you don't have to go through the hassle.

Comic legend David Horvath even gets his own Dunny line which features 2 faces! You can flip the head around for an entirely different mood. You definitely know David's work from the ubiqitous "Ugly Doll" monsters that you see at every wannabe cool retail store. I love the simplicity of his design and want to buy his Dunnys by the case. $5.95 each in blind assortment or $119 for a case of 24 at the uber hip store Kid Robot! . I say buy them by the case, assemble and sell a full set on eBay, make back your investment and keep the doubles for free!

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