Friday, October 21, 2005

CI Boys Heroes Series 2 & Star Wash Mini Figures

I don't know what it is about CI Boys, but I like them. The normal size figures are around two (2) inches tall. They are so cute, but cool at the same time. I recently scoured the web and eBay looking for the Heroes Series 2 and Star Wash CI Boys. The Heroes you see here are inspired by Batman & Robin, Masked Rider and Gotchaman. I gave my Ultraman version to Mark Nagata to add to his world's greatest Ultraman collection. See my first post below. The Star Wash figures of course are inspired by the very cool Darth Maul, Darth Vader and Stormtrooper. If I was an uber-geek and had more time and patience, I would glue two of the little lightsaber thingys together to form Darth Maul's two-sided lightsaber. All the helmets and masks pop off to show you which CI Boy is underneath.

Very cute, very cool. They would normally come in a blind assortment from guys like Kid Robot, but if you're like me, you hate blind assortments and you want to know what you're getting. Luckily, the blind assortment thing, while popular in Japan, has spawned an entire cottage industry on eBay. These friendly patrons of the toy aftermarket will purchase your blind assortment toys by the case, open them up, identify them and either sell you an entire set (at a premium of course) or sell you just the figures you want (at a premium). I would rather spend a couple of extra dollars and get the ones I really want. They are around $8-$9 on eBay. Try Tall Tall Cat Shop on eBay. They seem to have the most variety of these kinds of mini-figures. They make the perfect desktop companion. Be warned, however, that's how it begins: you get one stupid toy for your desk and then before you know it, you're posting pictures and blogs 10 years later about them!


Anonymous said...

Those are some great Ci Boys Star Wash and Super Heroes!

Seraph said...

Hi. I found this blog while I was searching for places to buy vinyl toys in Japan. I'll be in Osaka for the next couple months, and I was wondering if you know any stores in Japan that sell vinyl toys, especially CI Boys and the like? Thanks.

toybot studios said...

well, you're going to the wrong place for CI Boys. They are from Hong Kong.

if you can make it to Tokyo, Super 7 published this book of Japanese toy stores called "Tokyo Underground" It includes maps and descriptions.

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