Friday, March 05, 2010

Onell Design x RealxHead Pheyaos Man

Pheyaos Man

Damn. just like that and these guys are GONE!!

You guys are animals! Pheyaos Man is Gonzo. We are already working with Mori to increase production numbers on our next run of this mold. My apologies to those who missed this and I wish we had a ton more of these guys. The craftsmanship on these is so high, producing many of them will always be a challenge. Thank you to everyone that grabbed one- we promise to keep beefing up the quantities.

Pheyaos Man

chaosinvasion1 400x568

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you one more time to all who took part in the Custom Corps 3 mayhem. It was personally a very unique experience as far as customizing goes, and I hope that most of you liked what showed up. Each figure means something and has relevance to the ongoing Glyos stories. One way that we wanted to show our appreciation for your collective dedication to this project was by putting together something special to follow up the release. For the first time, we have compiled an online visual guide for every figure released in a particular Custom Corps, with this initial checklist documenting CC3. The final count landed at 262 fully customized figures. Some had doppelgangers, but upon further inspection you will see that even the twins and triplets are slightly different. All of the styles were thought out and executed with intent, nothing was thrown together and nothing was last minute. Each and every piece had multiple hours invested in its crafting and all were assembled with equal attention. Some may not have been the most popular color choices, some may not seem like the flashiest work, but I can assure you guys that each and every figure was made with everything I've got -for better or for worse. So if one of these little buggers doesn't seem to do it for you at first, maybe give it a few days, see if something starts to form and perhaps some individuality will begin to shine through.

I feel very attached to all those little creatures (I'm a sentimental fool) and it's been a great honor to get the chance to introduce them to all of you. My deepest gratitude for all the support and amazing dedication you all have generously given to our little dream of a company. As always, we do this together.

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