Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Buster Call x Lil JAPAN Beetlar Lottery Release

Buster Call x Lil Japan Beetlar

Buster Call x LiLJAPAN Beetlar Lottery Release!!!

Beetlar is a character created by one of Japan's
most awesome independent toy creator, Buster
Call. Made in Japan, this figure stands at about 3.5"
tall and is made from clear vinyl. The colors on the
figure is red, gold and black. The color way was
decided by me, LiLJAPAN. The header for this
figure was also designed by me. Something new to
all Beetlar collectors out there.

Because of the limited quantity, this
figure will be released as a form of a lottery.
Meaning that you will have to e-mail me if you are
interested in purchasing this figure. After the e
mailing deadline have reached, I will be randomly
pulling out the e mails from the box and sending out
all the lucky winners a confirmation e mail that they
have won with the payment information.
Unfortunately payments are only made thru Paypal
at this moment. The figure will be shipped out once
all the payments have been made.

Buster Call x Lil Japan Beetlar

Product Information:
Figure: Beetlar
Height: 3.5"
Vinyl: Clear
Colors: Red, Black and Gold
Restriction: Because of the limited quantity, this is only
offered 1 per customer.
Price:$40 + $5 shipping in the USA
$8 shipping International

Deadlines for e-mail: Monday March 29 ~Sunday, April
4th 2010 (8pm PST)

*This figure is not offered to customers in Japan.
Japan customers will have their own release by
Buster Call.*

Thank you again and I hope everyone is as excited
as I am. Please e-mail me if interested with the
subject as "BEETLAR!!!!"

email: liljapan@liljapanart.com

Buster Call x Lil Japan Beetlar

Hiro thanks you

Ontiveros x Skinner Powerslaves @ S7

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LiLJAPAN said...

Thanks TBS for the post!!!

Beer+LiLJAPAN= actually smiling!!!!

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