Monday, March 01, 2010

Callgrim Episode 1

art: Jesse Moore
story: Matt Doughty & Jesse Moore
animation: Marc Beaudette
editing: Jon Mercer
music: The Swearwolves
sound: Steve "HB" Perski
produced by RawShark Studios all rights reserved. copyright 2010 RawShark Studios LLC.

Callgrim is here! We have been working hard for a while over here to put this launch together (refresh pages!). Marcus has been camping out at my house off and on for the past few weeks. Many sleepless nights went into that animation. Thanks Marc!

Thanks Ciar, Lorcan and Maeve for helping with this. Everyone chipped in.

I cannot thank Matt enough for everything he has done and continues to do with all of this. He is the most generous person alive.

There are many more launches planned. There will be more animation, some Callgrim Custom Corps, and a bunch of surprises along the way this year. Special thanks to the fans of Glyos. The support of the Glyos community makes this all possible.

CallgrimMK2 400x352

GSCommando 400x536

CallgrimGSCommander 400x533

CenturionCallgrim 400x529

LorcassicOrder 400x563

LorcosCallgrim 400x484

TheOrderMK2 400x430

StormCallgrim 400x489

AuldisDestroyer 400x311

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