Friday, March 05, 2010

Mishka x Cure Boogie-Man "Rotting Fresh"

Mishka x Cure Boogie Man
Mishka x Cure Boogie Man

Shit, this Saturday is a good day to be in Tokyo. You can be there for the opening of the newest flagship store in the Mishka NYC empire, TOKYO!!!! Then you could also pick me up the awesome Bounty Hunter collab below.

Mishka Toyko 3/6 in Harajuku (Sat.) Open! To celebrate the opening of "MISHKA BOOGIE-MAN ROTTING FRESH" then released. For all hand painted, there are individual differences. Masks, built-in molded phosphorescent meat cleavers, body molding and others are clear. Type LED is flashing red and blue alternately.

This item is sold only will MISHKA TOKYO.

3-28-5 Jingumae, Shibuya
150-0001 Tokyo, Japan

BOH_1 400x257

We hate to be teases to all of you who can’t make it out to Japan, but we still thought it’d be cool to share some of the goodies we cooked up for our newest shop with all of you.

Up above is a sneak peak at one of the exclusives that could be yours when our Tokyo store opens its doors on Saturday, March 6th. As longtime fans, it was a real thrill for us to work with Bounty Hunter on a tee design. We kept it simple, with a cyco simonifying of one Bounty Hunter’s more iconic skull and cross bones logos.

BOH_2 400x257

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